Examine Email via Investigation of Forge Email

Cyber Evidence

Let’s start from the much known and most popular modern science electronic-mail between the youngsters and old one’s as well which is evolving widely across all over the world. It has become the first choice for all the users as a mode of communication. However it’s been used for both right and wrong means of purpose. As like all the other mode of communication, electronic mail can also be abused. So, as a matter of fact yes it can easily be forged but somewhere the users lack in acknowledging its aspects that how far it can go as it leaves the traces identity which most of the users are not aware of? This can be easily demonstrated by forensic analysis to examine email header of forge email with forensic medicine.

How far One Can Go to Threaten Someone

It's about a man who was working at managerial level in a retail company and one day he got a life threatening email from one of his employee. At first he thought it might be sent from the number of workers who were terminated by him recently. However when this incident came to light with cyber crime team they started the investigation of forge email with forensic medicine & analyzed lately after examine email that the size and style of the font used in the email is same as it's used by all the other employees by forensic analysis.

Forensic analysis

Examine Email Software becomes the Forensic Medicine

This cyber forensic case where investigation of forge email was required has been finally resolved by doing the forensic analysis of the forge email with examine email software. The investigators were keep-on analyzing and examine email header and parts of the email evidence. Later they finally succeeded to gather the forensic evidence collection & to find the IP address of the email sender and got hold of the culprit with the aid of forensic investigation of email tool.

As it’s been awarded as the forensic medicine for cyber forensic cases which involves: -

  • Searching forensic email evidences by Name, To, Bcc, Cc, Sub, Body etc of an email and attachments to it with its instantaneous search facility.
  • Forensic analysisto examine email of code formats like HEX, RTF, HTML, MIME, PROPERTIES VIEW etc which a large amount of other forensic tool lacks in.
  • Forensic evidence collection by exporting email evidences into the device location and by converting email evidence into EML, MSG, PDF and HTML files.
Examine email

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As discussed above that how MailXaminer Software to examine email not only resolved the cyber forensic case however was awarded as the forensic medicine also. So, get it downloaded into your device to enhance the investigation skills by its most exclusive features to analyze and forensic collection evidence with 50 emails export per folder for next 30 days.

Testimonials of the Examine Email Tool:

I have worked with a number of forensics tool but undoubtedly found Mailxaminer as a complete solution to deal with forensics issues. The best part of the tool is that it is easy to install and run. The features provided with the tool are simply magnificent and valuable for forensic experts.

- Tracy Peters, Australia

When it comes about analyzing email headers nothing could be better than Mailxaminer. I personally found it to be a brilliant solution for the experts to investigate email headers of a number of clients under various views. Thanks a lot for developing such an adroit tool.

- Joseph Ramsey, Germany